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bulk sms

your business and organization needs to send a large numbers of Bulk sms & text messages, either locally in India, internationally or both, we have a solution which is tested and trusted for bulk SMS text messaging. NextGen Infratel Private Limited's bulk sms solution along with the speed of internet and the mobile phone brings an interactive and cost effective Bulk SMS platform for Enterprises. The solution enables the enterprises to trigger the activities over the air.

The product design helps in making the product attractive to the target market in today’s competitive market environment not only cost matters but also the product design, suitability, shape, style etc. matter a lot in taking production decisions.

Nowadays your business requirements seek that you communicate instantly with your customers and staff or organization. We have a professional sms a solution is it that specializes in Bulk sms and text messages for Business communication to enterprises bank. Using Application Programming Interface techniques. For information and communication between both organization and customers. Deliver SMS messages to mobile handsets almost anywhere locally in India Internationally both.

Costing For SMS AND Email:

1. PROMOTIONAL SMS International Route -0.15 Paisa / SMS

2. PROMOTIONAL SMS (Sim Base) -0.08 Paisa / SMS

3. TRANSACNAL SMS 1 Lac - 0.20 Paisa / SMS

4. Promotional Email - 0.03 Paisa / Email

5. Voice SMS (30 Seconds) -0.18 Paisa/SMS

6. whatsup SMS -0.24 Paisa/SMS