Web Based sales

web Baesd sales is point of sale inventory type application , any shop or big firm can use for thay work transactions management, it have multiple features like: sale ,purchase,stock management,point of sale ,point of purchase ,sale purchase invoices and print that,due,expense, Journal ledger transactions,vendor & customer management,warehouse ,product management.

ShopMate Features.
  1. Point Of Sale
  2. Invoice Slip Printing
  3. Point of Purchase and Print Invoice
  4. User ,Customer,Vendor and any other role
  5. Menu and Access to any user
  6. Tax With GST and other
  7. Product Management
  8. Due (borrow)
  9. Expense
  10. Sales and Purchase Listing
  11. Payment mode
  12. Sale and purchase invoices listing and report
  13. Accounts, Journal Ledger transactions
  14. Reports
  15. Today Sale Report
  16. Today Purchase Report
  17. Stock Alert Report
  18. Profit Report
  19. Day End Report
  20. Stock Amount Report
  21. Report Accounts
  22. Sale Return Report
  23. Purchase Return Report
  24. Expense Report
  25. Due (borrow) Report
  26. Ledger Wise Report
Technology Features.
  1. Asp.net mvc 5 code first
  2. With Entity Framework 6
  3. Jquery Latest
  4. Grid Datatable
  5. Responsive BootStrap Design
  6. Graphical Dashboard
  7. Grid Table Export Options(print,pdf,svc,excel etc)
  8. Reports Printing

System Requirement.
Windows Server or Windows Hosting.
IIS7 OR above
.Net framework 4.5.1 OR above
Sql Server 2008 OR above

Installation by asp.net mvc developer (not for layman)
:Unzip Solution
:Paste Code In IIS wwwroot directory
:Create Database In MS Sql Server
:Take Database script from root and run in your mssql server
:Change Connection string of database on Web.Config file in Code
:Run It